Dualpak Regenerable Cartridge Filter | The Filter Media


Air filters shall be the DUALPAK – 50H heavy duty, pleated regenerable panel type 495 X 495 X 400mm


The filter media shall be genuine WIRECOR progressive efficiency type comprising a first stage of 200g/m2 acrylic coated needled polyester fibre mat followed by a second stage of 350g/m2 uncoated and finer continuous fibre polyester mat which shall allow full depth dust loading negating the face loading tendency of most continuous efficiency media.

The first and second stage medias shall be permanently bonded together by hotmelt coated 1,2mm diameter galvanized wire spaced at intervals of no more than 50mm by the WIRECOR media manufacturing process.

The lateral internal heavy duty wire support when pleated shall keep the pleat in shape after washing and prevent pleat vibration and collapse, a tendency of unsupported media filters after washing and under high airflow conditions.

The effective filter media area shall be not less than 4,5m2.

Initial pressure drop at an air volume of 0,9m3/s shall not exceed 80 Pa with a recommended final pressure drop of 300 Pa.

The filter media shall have an average ASHRAE efficiency of 45 – 50% and an arrestance of 96%


The enclosing frame shall be manufactured from corrosion resistant steel with a minimum thickness of 0,6mm.

The frame will be the single header type and the header dimensions will be 495 x 495 x 20mm.

A 15 x 5mm foamed polyurethane gasket will be fixed to the air leaving side of the header.

The inside periphery of the enclosing frame shall be permanently bonded to the media pack with expanded urethane thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass.

A permanent identification and airflow direction label shall be affixed to the filter frame.

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