FILTAPAK is a Leading Air Filter Manufacturer in SA

FILTAPAK is considered as a specialist air filter manufacturer, having been manufacturing products of the highest quality since 1997.

We chose to specialise in industrial air filtration, as it is an essential part of running a safe and efficient manufacturing plant.

Over the years, we have become the trusted source of air filtration products in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, the air conditioning and refrigeration industries as well as the mining sector.

We offer the widest range of air filtration products and materials in South Africa, and cater for various resellers who market the product under their own name.

This allows us to move our products to the factory gate at the lowest possible price, and also allows resellers to market the product and keep their prices highly competitive.

We have a thorough understanding of why air filtration is so important in the industrial sector. Not only is it essential for the health of all staff working in manufacturing plants, it also assists in improving a business’ impact on the environment.

Proper air filtration also helps your business meet the required health and safety requirements, while preventing in the spread of diseases, or the irritation of current conditions. This is important as it prevents regular staff absence, which results in companies running more efficiently as well as saving costs.

Our air filtration products meet the strictest standards, ensuring that clients get the best possible product.

From low efficiency black nylon unit air conditioner filters to pocket filters, or high efficiency cartridge filters, you will have an almost endless list of options.

So next time you are looking for a reliable air filter manufacturer in South Africa, be sure to talk to the experts in the industry, FILTAPAK, and our consultants will provide you with the right solution at the right price.

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