What are the benefits of Pocket Filters?

A pocket filter is a sieve which can be used as a part of High Voltage Alternating Current applications to get rid of dust. Pocket filter is normally used as the final filter in commercial applications or the Pre Filters of hospitals.

The pocket filters assume an essential role in preventing dust and large particles for getting into room. The pocket filter is imperative since it can keep the air inside clean and healthy. As we know, the air contamination issue is turning out to be increasingly serious these days.

Furthermore, individuals give careful consideration to the air quality around them. So with a specific end goal to have a better air-quality, an increasing number of people are installing the pocket filters into the ventilation framework and the air purifier system.


At Filtapak we are specialists in Panel Filters

Filtapak panel filters are one of the industry’s best values in panel filtration. We use polyester media produced in Filtapak-owned and operated facilities to make panel filters. In fact, Filtapak’s environmentally responsible panel filters are made with recycled products whenever possible. The Filtapak panel filters are available in a wide variety of filtration execution options to address the issues of today’s varied and challenging HVAC environments.


Everything you need to know about Paint Arrestor

Choosing the correct overspray collector for your paint booth relies on the size of your filters and the kind of covering utilized as a part of the booth. Spray booth Filters and Supply carries heavy-duty paint arrestor filter media in a wide range of materials to suit your coating needs, and at Filtapak, we offer both pads and rolls in different lengths and widths. A large number of our items can likewise be exceptionally custom-sized to fit irregular or unusual booths.

One should not assume that one filter medium is perfect for all applications, or that two different media will work similarly well for all applications, regardless of the possibility that the holding capacity is the same for each. Spray booth traps for paint solids are thoroughly tested to guarantee ideal “arrestance” for the intended finishing application, so make sure to pick the correct sort of paint arrestor.


Trust Filtapak when you need Air Filter Manufacturers

Let us talk about clean air for a minute. You may not be interested in the topic, but it is important that you understand the gist of the entire process of air purification because unclean air can make you sick.  Air purification is achieved with the use of a device which primarly removes contaminants from the air in a room. Filtapak are Air Filter Manufacturers  for a wide selection of industrial products. This includes products such as air conditions, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, engine parts and spray paint machineries.


The Importance of Industrial Air Filtration

If you are starting a manufacturing plant or industrial business, the importance of industrial air filtration cannot be stressed enough.

FILTAPAK manufactures high quality air filters, with industrial air filtration products being our speciality.

We produce high quality products for the air conditioning, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive paint and mining industries – to name a few.

Our wide selection of products and materials can cater for various needs, and we have been one of the leaders in the industry for almost two decades.


FILTAPAK is a Leading Air Filter Manufacturer in SA

FILTAPAK is considered as a specialist air filter manufacturer, having been manufacturing products of the highest quality since 1997.

We chose to specialise in industrial air filtration, as it is an essential part of running a safe and efficient manufacturing plant.

Over the years, we have become the trusted source of air filtration products in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, the air conditioning and refrigeration industries as well as the mining sector.

We offer the widest range of air filtration products and materials in South Africa, and cater for various resellers who market the product under their own name.

This allows us to move our products to the factory gate at the lowest possible price, and also allows resellers to market the product and keep their prices highly competitive.


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