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Air Filters Manufacturers 

Founded in 1997 FILTAPAK is an air filters manufacturers products based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We specialize in industrial air filtration products for air conditioning, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, mining, medical and automotive paint finishing industries.

We manufacture stock and provide the widest range of air filtration products and materials in South Africa from low efficiency black nylon unit air conditioner filters through medium efficiency panels and pocket filters to high efficiency cartridge filters and HEPA’S.
Our manufacturing facility has about 25 workers operating the most comprehensive production facility for panel, pocket and cartridge filters in the country.

Our sales strategy is also unique in South Africa in as such as we do not have a direct sales force.
We in fact manufacture “labeled” products for resellers who then market the product under their own name.
In this way, with no marketing costs, we can get our product to our factory gate at the lowest price possible, then the marketer takes over and is in turn able to get that product to the end user at as competitive prices as possible.

We are truly a “can do” company and because we normally have the greatest stockholdings of strategic imported medias and components in the country and all the right manufacturing machinery we can state that no opposition company can match our service level.

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